Inception ★★★★☆

In திரைக்கதை எழுதுவது எப்படி? (How to write a screenplay?), Sujatha says most good movies have a premise, like a What If. Like, what if a television anchor gets to become the Chief Minister for a day, or what if we're living in a dream world created by machines. Inception's  simplestest what if is: What if one could enter somebody else's dream. That premise could have morphed into anything (apparently, as K had told me in the cinema hall, Nolan had first thought of a horror flick on this premise) but building a heist movie on this is just ingenious.

Avatar ★★★☆☆

Hellelujah Mountains     Image source: Avatar Wikia
About the good parts first:

The visuals are *W O W*. Avatar is set in the most audacious place anyone would probably ever want to set a movie in: an alien planet. No, not barren wastes that you see so often in sci-fi flicks, but one as rich and complex and full of life as our own planet. The movie makes even this ambitious setting look more than real.

The action is edge-of-the seat. The chases and fights are long and well-detailed, yet not confusing. Together, the visuals and action kept me hooked for the whole almost-three hours.

Avatar is the most jaw-dropping-est movie of the century that is so unbelievably fantabulous that it's gone beyond just being a movie into an experience of Chuck-Norris-level awesomeness. Okay, now that the customary over-the-top appreciation of Avatar is done, we can move on to my only gripe. A big one, though.

The Musicollage

I'd been tinkering with remixing songs with Cool Edit for a while, and this is a piece that I had left hanging for a long time. So I just added a drum roll and a crash over the weekend to put an end to it. It sounds (to me atleast) less like a remix and more like a medley of songs that forms "a different whole", and so I'm calling this a musicollage (not to be confused with Jorge Sylvester's 1996 album). I might actually try and make more, so if you particularly dont like it, do let me know :). For arbitrary reasons, this piece is called "Domapo".




And now, I present to you ("இந்திய வலைக்காட்சிகளில் முதல் முறையாக...") - Lewis Carrol's Jabberwocky (can your browser handle that link?) translated to Tamil (he he, mostly தமிழாக்கம் rather than மொழிபெயர்ப்பு).


மாயங் காலம் வழுவழு நெளிகள்
மேய்வெளி யெங்கும் கூர்வளை தோண்ட
நாக்காய் யாவும் பொலபொலத் திருக்க
ஷோக்காய் குருளை சீட்டியும் அடித்தே

What's my point of view?

I stumbled on to this nice piece by Duncan, and a follow up by bbum, about taking a different point of view while photographing something. Made me dig up my photos to see how many of them employ a somewhat unusual line of sight. And I have to say there weren't many.

Cross Coders

This one is dedicated to ND, researcher and former Pascal enthusiast. :D


(Of course, it's somewhat of a thoughtlift from xkcd - it has that written all over it.)