Avatar ★★★☆☆

Hellelujah Mountains     Image source: Avatar Wikia
About the good parts first:

The visuals are *W O W*. Avatar is set in the most audacious place anyone would probably ever want to set a movie in: an alien planet. No, not barren wastes that you see so often in sci-fi flicks, but one as rich and complex and full of life as our own planet. The movie makes even this ambitious setting look more than real.

The action is edge-of-the seat. The chases and fights are long and well-detailed, yet not confusing. Together, the visuals and action kept me hooked for the whole almost-three hours.

Avatar is the most jaw-dropping-est movie of the century that is so unbelievably fantabulous that it's gone beyond just being a movie into an experience of Chuck-Norris-level awesomeness. Okay, now that the customary over-the-top appreciation of Avatar is done, we can move on to my only gripe. A big one, though.