Notes for my endgame

This was written 18 hours before in Bangalore, being posted from Om Beach, Gokarna.

Well, this is pathetic. I'm just about to leave for another trip, can you believe it, to Gokarna, starting in 15 mins, to finish up the unfinished business, and there's not one post in my blog since that. That settles it (hopefully). And, every friend of mine with whom I have had philosophical quarrel seems to be living outside Bangalore, atleast at the moment, so this is possibly the best medium to hold arbit conversations now. So, here I go.

I have been reading Tuesdays with Morrie (I seem to read it less and less everyday, reluctant of having to finish it), which evokes basic questions on what our priorities in life should be. That, and the premature death of a teammate, has gotten me wondering how different my life will be if I knew when I'm gonna die. (Well, tells me that I have time till May 2, 2054, but that's so long away that it tends to infinity.)