Weekly for week ending 15/Feb/2008

One week. We're on our way now. The safety of the harbour is behind us. We'd intended to give ourselves a month to finalize what we're going to be doing. But the first item we picked looks so really like a low hanging fruit that we plan to build that product first, in the first month, and then proceed on. (It's probably also because, you know, it somehow feels more comfortable to be doing work than planning what to be working on.)

Productivity is rather decent. We're not really working long hours. Not even by a stretch of imagination. Yet. And the time is well spent. Well, there was the almost 2 half-days spent on setting up a wireless ad-hoc network to work over Windows Vista and Linux Mint (we just use a wifi router now), and the few hours spent internetlessly because there's a power cut (I know, we should get a UPS). But that apart, good. K's place works brilliantly. Short jaunts can take you to a multitude of food joints. And K makes good tea, if we're there before he leaves. Girish and me do disagree a lot on a good number of issues, and that makes for good conversation. T comes for her jewellery making stints sometimes. And to top it all, we had a good shuttle baddie workout in the weekend. Life's good. Let's see if it turns out decently lucrative too.

Oh yeah. Earlier, I had an awesome farewell from TI folks. They took me out for lunch to a nice veggie place in dedication to my towards-animal-welfare vegetarianism. The parting gift was (hold your breath) a Calvin and Hobbes complete works collection. And the icing: an ubercool handmade scrapbook with scraps from junta and lovely photos of chaps and self. Couldn't have had it better.


  1. Best of Luck with the startup and kudos on the ubercool Leh biking!
    Although...it does reflect harshly on my stereotypical lifestyle...

    And the post on First Floods was too good!

  2. Thank you, thank you. We'll need a lot of luck, I'm sure. (Well, strictly speaking, writing blogs faster than I could read them doesn't, for one, count as sterotypical.) Hey, so you liked Ponniyin Selvan too?

  3. (Oh, wow, So I got into your blog.)

  4. You should be commenting in my blog not your own!
    I didnt read ponniyin selvan (yeah...shoot me now) because I am not fast in reading tamil. I intend to do so, however.

    Yes, you did get a mention.

    BTW abt your bringing in the 'Fair & Lovely' Ads... :)They are complete rubbish as are all beauty magzines. I am sure you knew what I meant!!!